ACE National Action Team

Thanks to pressure over the years from Censorship Groups like the CCV and “hate groups” such as The Family Research Council, state legislatures have been passing laws like the Community Defense Act, where you can be arrested or jailed if you receive or offer a tip to an exotic dancer. And she can be jailed if she isn’t dressed “accordingly”. We have actually lost these battles in court. These laws are unfair and punish adults under ridiculous censorship rules brought to you by people who have said, “if you cannot decide what is acceptable, we will decide for you!” We need your help to safeguard individuals and our society from abusive restrictions designed to punish people who enjoy consenting adult entertainment. If you lead the fight to stand up for your right to the pursuit of liberty, others will likely follow suit.

 ACE National is an advocate that individuals are sovereign over the conduct of their own lives, that no one should have to sacrifice their values for the sake of others.  Individuals have a fundamental right to pursue happiness so long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, whereas their activities are carried out in a peaceful manner.  ACE National advocates that government’s constitutional authority is only to protect the rights of individuals and does not extend to regulating relationships, what we put in our bodies,  where adults decide to work and what they decide to view in the privacy of their home.

We protect the livelihood and freedoms of the Adult Entertainment Industry by establishing a communications network to keep you informed of potential harms against our Industry.  Ask your friends, fans and fellow co-workers to join.  This group will be used to update members on state legislators that are imposing harsh restrictions against our Industry.  We will provide you with the information on who to contact and what to write.  United we stand tall, divided we will fail, so unite with us to fight those who want to regulate you! 

Please request to join our ACE National Action Team.  Please forward this message along with the group details to all your friends who work in and are fans of our Industry.


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